Courrèges aventure

Discovery of Périgord

Total immersion in the Vézère or Dordogne valleys. 1, 2, 3 nights or more in the heart of France's most beautiful rivers. An unforgettable adventure !

The adventure starts here

Courrèges Aventure: a unique journey

Courrèges aventure

Canoës des Courrèges invites you to embark on a Périgord adventure, explorer-style. Whether in a group or solo, set out for several days to discover the most beautiful spots in the Dordogne or Vézère valleys.

An adventurer's soul

“1, 2, 3, or several days in the shoes of an adventurer. Days of navigation, nights camping or under the stars. Share traditional stories of Périgord dating back to ancient times. Embrace the present moment fully.”

The treasures of Périgord

Forests, castles, landscapes, nature… Treasures abound in Périgord, whether you’re paddling on the Vézère or the Dordogne. Troglodyte village (La Roque Gageac), natural erosions (Roc de l’Agranel), Valley of Man (Les Eyzies de Tayac), Valley of the 5 Castles (Beynac, Castelnaud, Fayrac, and more)…

An invitation to travel

Timeless, surprising, exotic… A journey where your gaze wanders amidst the blue of the sky, the white of the stone, and the green of the forest. You’re living an exceptional adventure in a unique dimension, where time stands still. Let yourself be immersed in the adventure!

Le concept

We are committed to being your travel companion, assisting you in crafting a memorable itinerary along the Vézère or Dordogne, tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re seeking a one-day adventure, a two-day expedition, a three-day getaway, or an even longer exploration, we are here, armed with our expertise and deep local knowledge, to provide you with a total disconnect experience. Our goal is to immerse you fully in the surrounding splendor, to escape the everyday, and to be carried away by the rivers’ magic. With our support, every paddle stroke becomes an opportunity to uncover a hidden treasure of our magnificent region. Regardless of the duration of your adventure, get ready for unforgettable moments along the water with Courrèges Adventure!

Canoës des Courrèges offers the opportunity to make stops at some of our partners located along the banks of the Vézère or Dordogne. Specific locations will be suggested for your meals and overnight stays, which are in the form of camping.

To plan your adventure and discuss rates, please contact us by phone or email.

RESERVATIONS: +33 6 86 26 72 88

Choose the duration

Canoës des Courrèges offers durations ranging from 2 to 5 days.

Choose your route

Check out our route map below. Ask for advice at the reception to determine the duration and distance.

Choose your options

Meals, Waterproof containers, Choice of boats, Trash bags for waste

Parcours rivières Dordogne et Vézère

Adventurer's Charter

You are responsible for keeping the area clean.

Please collect your waste at each stop.

No open fires are allowed.

Please respect the designated boundaries.

No picking of plants or flowers is allowed.

Avoid making noise that could disturb wildlife
(music, shouting, etc.).

Sceau canoës des Courrèges

At your expense

Exceptional closure

Canoës Courrèges will be closed for the 2024 season.

We will have the pleasure of seeing you again in 2025.